Municipal Corporations in India

India is one of the largest and huge populated countries with seventh largest country by geographical area and second largest with population wise with billions of people are living in India with different caste and creed.
Since independence the structure of real estate and infrastructure has been improved with the help of housing societies, development authorities and other municipal corporation of India. Here, you will numbers of property development authorities and municipal corporations for different regions of the country. These municipal corporations help in development of urbanization in various cities of India providing necessary community and society welfare services like educational institutes,
health centers and other services related to housing and property tax. Municipal Corporation is a group of people that we can say department formed by state government for particular city having population of more than twenty thousand.
These municipal corporations are formed under the Corporations Act of 1835 of Panchayati Raj system in order to provide all types of essential services to their city. In India you will find numbers of different municipal corporations of specific region and states and cities. Like Municipal corporation of Delhi, corporation of Chennai, Mumbai municipal corporation,

Kolkata municipal corporation are some of the largest municipal corporation of India that not only largest population but also famous for commercial centers of the nation. Besides these, Municipal Corporation of India has many other departments in various sections of the nations including Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Amritsar, Ahmedabad and many more that are responsible for offering different types of welfare and community services to their particular regions of the nation.